THIS is the FUTURE of VR! INSANE Clarity VARJO XR-4 in DCS World | Near HUMAN EYE Resolution! 55PPD (2024)

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Yes, please do spend more time in DCS! And pressure MSFS for Quadviews. There is no modern VR sim that should be foregoing quadviews, it's truly the enabler of high end VR. I am blown away by the performance possible thanks to eye tracking in DCS world, perhaps this means even the Pimax Crystal SUPER will be a viable option for DCS World users?
FYI if you have not been following: DCS is due for a VR Render Graph overall which is rumored to boost FPS in VR by around 50%, and it may be out later this year if not delayed. Moreover, the RTX 5090 is rumored to be up to 70% more powerful. Finally, DCS is also switching to Vulkan API sometime in the next 12 months or so (but ED has stated it may only be a 10-15% performance boost. The largest VR performance boost will likely be found via the VR Render Graph overall, which changes the DCS World render pipeline).
Point is, 3800x3800 55 PPD Eye Tracked headsets *might* be completely playable in DCS World at high graphics and locked 72fps within 4-12 months, according to your early results with the XR4??
I would love to see you do some more videos in DCS with XR4, but also Crystal Light vs Crystal w/Eye Tracking, to really explore the difference quadviews can make. Try low level rain flight at high sun/shadow angle time of day (golden hours) over dense cities in Syria, PNG, and Marianas. Try launching from super carrier deck. It's the low level stuff with lots of shadows or refreaction from clouds, lots of geometry from close up trees and buildings, that really tax the GPU and will really show what impact quadviews has.
As one final side note, for many of us actually playing DCS "the worst case is the best case". Meaning, we aren't just doing a free flight. A mission may launch over a rainy, busy, urban area, then go to high flight, then land on a super carrier deck. But we can't change graphics settings mid flight. So we have to dial our graphics settings in VR for the worst case scenario. Thus seeing how these headsets and GPUs perform in those highly demanding areas of DCS is the real litmus test. But of course, this carries over as an understanding of what we would expect in MSFS 2024 if they ever implement quadviews: it would tell us how much and to what extent Quadviews can really scale. Could it boost FPS in MSFS over a city by 30-40 FPS? MAYBE. And at that point, as a VR community we have to put pressure on Microsoft and headset makers to get Eye Tracking into all of these high resolution headsets and quadviews into these demanding sim games. It will accelerate the future not only of the VR experience, but of general VR market adoption.
(Sorry for the novel) :D

  • THIS is the FUTURE of VR! INSANE Clarity VARJO XR-4 in DCS World | Near HUMAN EYE Resolution! 55PPD (1)

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    I hadn't heard about VR render graph. I'm going to have to check it out. I'm glad there's some developers out there giving VR some love.

  • THIS is the FUTURE of VR! INSANE Clarity VARJO XR-4 in DCS World | Near HUMAN EYE Resolution! 55PPD (2)

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    @@wittyname-sy5je Before you get too excited, most developers already have their VR Render Graph pipeline constructed properly. The ELI5 version is something like you render what is common to both frames, then the difference for one eye VS the other.
    But DCS had been doing the ENTIRETY of both frames independently. This is what has made its VR performance so far behind the likes of IL2 or Autombolista 2 in VR. When they fix that, it will simply bring their rendering pipeline in VR up to snuff with others. The reason DCS performance in XR4 or Pimax Crystal has caught up, or still wins out in DCS now, is simply because Quadviews is just that good (and because DCS has a good DLSS implementation). Once they get their VR render graph pipeline sorted out, it will really shine.
    On the other hand, other devs (like IL2, Automobilista 2) already have the render graph sorted, but could really boost performance by adding DLSS & Quadviews. Finally, there is MSFS, who has DLSS and I believe the render graph in order. But it is such an insanely demanding game it still melts many flat screen gamers rigs. It really, really, really would benefit from Quadviews! But unless I am mistaken I believe Asobo already has proper VR Render Graph.
    TL;DR VR Render Graph improvement is more of a "fix" to DCS's very ancient engine and implementation, and not something to look forward to in many other titles, AFAIK.

  • THIS is the FUTURE of VR! INSANE Clarity VARJO XR-4 in DCS World | Near HUMAN EYE Resolution! 55PPD (3)

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    @@DS52116 Ah, good to know. Thanks for the explanation.

THIS is the FUTURE of VR! INSANE Clarity VARJO XR-4 in DCS World | Near HUMAN EYE Resolution! 55PPD (2024)


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