10 Amsterdam Coffeeshops With On-Site Cannabis Vaporizers | AudioKush (2024)

If you’re looking for the greatest vape lounges in Amsterdam, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will assist you in locating the top coffeeshop lounges in Amsterdam equipped with vaporizers for vaping your cannabis dry herbs or hashish!

Vaporizing cannabis is becoming more popular. We previously explored various reasons why marijuana users are switching from smoking cannabis to vaping their herbs. Portability is one of those factors.

However, although many dry herb vaporizers are portable, passing through TSA and customs declaration checks may not be the most straightforward process. Of course, unless you have a vaporizer that is brand new or has been well cleaned.

If you happen to be heading to Amsterdam, you may want to look for a coffeeshop smoking lounge (or a few) that is equipped with a vaporizer. As a convenience, we’ve assembled a list of 10 coffeeshops in Amsterdam where you may easily vape cannabis products using vaporizers that are already on-site in their consumption lounge. This will spare you the effort of packing a piece of equipment in your luggage and avoid any hassle that may come with it.

So enough already, right? Let’s dive right into the list! Here’s 10 coffeeshops in Amsterdam with dry herb vaporizers for you to vape cannabis or hash.

Note: Coffeeshops may require you to put down a deposit or place your ID on hold in order to use the volcano.

Happy Feelings – Verdamper

Coffeeshop Happy Feelings, located on Kerkstraat, just off Leidsplein, offers a Verdamper vaporizer on every table. While the lounge may be smaller than some of the others on this list, the atmosphere provides for a very comfortable work environment, with high tables. There is good lighting inside, illuminated with purple accents to match the Coffeeshop Happy Feelings branding. Since their is a Verdamper on every table, you won’t need to worry about vaporizer availability at Coffeeshop Happy Feelings. As long as you can get a seat, you can ask the budtender to heat up the Verdamper vaporizer for your usage.

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The Old Church – Volcano

Coffeeshop The Old Church is located at the start of Amsterdam’s Amstel, right in the city center. Here, you can ask to use their Volcano vaporizer to vape cannabis or hash products. Though, if you are like me, you might be looking for some dabs! Why not squish your own in their rosin press?

Baba – Verdamper

Located on Barentszstraat in the Westerpark district of Amsterdam, Coffeeshop Baba is a nice place to relax with Verdamper evaporators provided on the tables.

10 Amsterdam Coffeeshops With On-Site Cannabis Vaporizers | AudioKush (2)

Katsu – Verdamper

Coffeeshop Katsu can be found in Amsterdam’s De Pijp area. At Coffeeshop Katsu you can find a Verdamper by the counter. Ask the budtender and they will get you set up to vaporize marijuana.

Barney’s & Barney’s Lounge – Volcano

The Barney’s Farm establishment has two coffeeshops located in Amsterdam; Barney’s Coffeeshop and Barney’s Lounge Coffeeshop.

Located on Haarlemmerstraat near Centraal station, Barney’s Coffeeshop offers a decent amount of seating, and also has a Volcano on site for your consumption needs.

Located near Rembrandt Square along Amsterdam’s picturesque canal-rings sits Barney’s Lounge Coffeeshop. While this lounge may not offer the most seating, it tends to not be as busy as their Haarlemmerstraat location. At both Barney’s locations you can also get some delectable milkshakes and smoothies to compliment those dank cannabis terpenes being vaped.

New Times – Volcano

Volcano’s digital vaporizer is available for you to use at Coffeeshop New Times. Here, you can also enjoy a variety of delicious beverages or cafe options, as well as snacks to cure those munchies!

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Amnesia – Volcano

Part of the Barney’s Farm family, Coffeeshop Amnesia is located at Herengracht 133 in Amsterdam. Coffeeshop Amnesia has sufficient seating for groups and a pleasant terrace area ideal for enjoying a canal-side smoke. If in Amsterdam, you might want to stop at Coffeeshop Amnesia to enjoy a canal-side sesh with their Volcano vaporizer.

Grey Area – Volcano

Amsterdam’s Coffeeshop Grey Area offers 1 Volcano vaporizer. Though, it may be difficult to get a seat due to its size, popularity, and limited hours. If you do manage to find a seat inside, make sure to take advantage of the Volcano they have behind the counter. Simply ask the budtender after you grab your herbs. Grey Area also offers a variety of bongs for consumption, if you still feel like combusting your flowers.

Bluebird – Volcano

Right around the corner from Amsterdam’s bustling Nieuwmarkt is Coffeeshop Bluebird. A 2-story smoking lounge with the bud-counter located on the second floor offers the option to vaporize your herbs with a Storz & Bickel Volcano vaporizer.

10 Amsterdam Coffeeshops With On-Site Cannabis Vaporizers | AudioKush (2024)


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